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...the new biodegradable variant for cargo films.

Verpalin® BioNatur - the new biological version of our product family

BioNatur Plastics is a multi-environment biodegradable plastic enriched with organic material that is on the US EPA's GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) list and provides for degradation within 5-10 years!

Table BioNatur Plastics: Biodegradable, recyclable, no toxic residues, etc.


They were designed for mining

  • in municipal landfills in low oxygen environments
  • in marine environment/water and
  • in all subsurface locations where microbes are present
  •  Strength and durability comparable to untreated plastics
  •  Meets ASTM D5511 standards
  •  environmentally friendly as there are no heavy metals or toxic by-products during degradation
  •  100% recyclable in combination with the PE raw materials
  •  Guaranteed no OXO degradable material - therefore no microplastics
  •  Also in combination with recycled material out of our green life product range

Verpalin®-BioNatur-Plastics Product Range:

  • Verpalin® Air Cargo Film Typ C564 (>18 micron)
  • Verpalin® Air Cargo Film Typ C600 (>15 micron)
  • Verpalin® Green-Life Air Cargo Film Typ C564-2
  • Verpalin® Thermofolie Typ C648F (s/w)
  • Verpalin® Hand-/Machine-Stretch-Film

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